KnowledgE ENgineering team

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The aim of the team's activities is to contribute computing theory, methods, and techniques to the knowledge society.
The scope of the KEEN team is knowledge engineering in its broad sense. This includes ontology engineering, the Semantic Web, intelligent (logic-based, ontology-driven) conceptual modelling, and natural language generation.

Funded research projects

  1. MoRe NL: foundations of a Modular Realisation Engine for Nguni Languages, funded by the NRF (2020-2022)
  2. Erasmus+ funding on ontologies and machine learning with Poznan University of Technology (2020-2022), where I was supposed to be PI with Agnieszka Lawrynowicz and do exchanges on that topic, but the colonial admin of PUT decided otherwise.
  3. Various funding sources over the past years; mainly: NRF, HPI Research School in Computer Science for Africa (CS4A) at UCT, DOT4D@UCT, ULPDO@UKZN.
  4. Recently completed projects:

Recent highlights

For a full list of papers and related outputs, click here.

Members and collaborators

Maria Keet

Postgraduate students
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Scientific programmers and Research Assistants
Current and recent collaborators
Alumni of the KEEN team (since 2016)