Maria Keet
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa
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1. Research interests and projects
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1a. Research Interests

Knowledge Engineering -- See als the KnowledgE ENgineering (KEEN) Team webpage
   - Ontology Engineering (foundations, methods, tools)
   - Relations in ontologies, such as their foundations, parthood and other part-whole relations
   - Conceptual modelling & ontology languages (Description Logics, OWL, Object-Role Modeling, etc.)
   - Natural language generation
   - Logic-based knowledge representation

1b. Research Activities

The main thread across my research activities is ontology, ontologies, logic, and conceptual data modelling. They are divided into three paragraphs for presentation convenience, and a final paragraph on participation in funded projects.
See als the KnowledgE ENgineering (KEEN) Team webpage

Ontology engineering and logic-based ontologies
     In this strand of investigation, I consider automated reasoning for formal (FOL, DL and OWL-ized) bio-ontologies, formal properties of relations (e.g., parthood), ontology engineering, foundational ontologies, modularity. Earlier work also involved Ontology-Based Data Access and bio-ontologies, including particpation in funded projects (among others, ARISTOTELES, TONES, Net2).

Formal and ontology-driven conceptual data modeling
     This strand of research combines the logic and modelling from ontologies with conceptual data modelling (in, e.g., ER, ORM). This includes logic-based reconstructions (mainly in Description Logics) of the diagram languages, model linking and integration, and various extensions, such as formal temporal conceptual data modelling. Some related funded projects were the Ontology-driven unification of conceptual data modelling languages and an earlier projects on "Technologies for Conceptual Modelling and Intelligent Query Formulation".

Controlled Natural Languages
     This strand of research extends from the ontology engineering, by focussing first on controlled (a particualr fragment of) natural languages and natural language generation for knowledge-to-text, and for Bantu languages in particular. I am PI of two funded projects in this area, being a A Grammar engine for Nguni natural language interfaces (GeNi) and a UCT Science Faculty grant on foundations thereof, and an earlier project looked at terminology harvesting in COMMUTERM.


Funded projects

Unfunded projects
2. Seminars and Presentations

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In case you are wondering about the difference in given name that appears in publications, C. Maria, and my 'regular' name, Marijke: this is due to some odd naming conventions in the country I grew up (the Netherlands); Marijke is derived from Maria. I use my official name for scientific publications, and (used to use) the other one for other activities.