Windows 2000 links

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Links to the Microsoft pages
Windows 2000 Home Page
Online Help
   Professional, Server and Advanced Server.
Hardware Compatability List
Server Overview
   and their explanation of the Active Directory, Interoperability, Communications & Networking, etc.
Client overview
How it works
   an overview of the architecture

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Compaq Webpages about Windows 2000
   Primer Utility and and ROMpaqs, Support PAQs: the "ntssd" for Windows 2000, Insight Manager and Survey Utility.
White Papers about Compaq and Windows 2000,
   like the Active Directory
Solution Partners Page
   about Compaq and Windosw 2000 (partner page)
Compaq, Windows 2000 and SANs
Windows 2000 and Clustering

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Other Webpages with information about Windows 2000
   latest news, downloadables, white papers, case studies, FAQs, demos, etc.
List of Windows 2000-links
General Information
   and easy to read.
Windows 2000 FAQs
Windows 2000 Problem Program List
   a list of programs that you should NOT use with Win2000 + FAQs
The history
   the stages preceeding the final Windows 2000 release
   Loads of software tools for Windows 2000